Khamis, 10 Februari 2011


cantik tak desktop view ni? bagi aku agak semak sebab dia tak susun betul2.. kalau dia susun betul2 mesti cantik. so.. korang nak download tak software ni? sini ada sikit info bout the software. bace sajep~

BumpTop - a program for those to whom the standard desktop view does not like, if you want something very original, is worth trying a three-dimensional desktop interface BumpTop. After installing this program, the desktop will turn into a three-dimensional box-room, where all documents and files are three-dimensional objects. Despite the unusual appearance of the desktop, according to their functions it largely outperforms the standard interface of Windows.

The program allows you to easily fold into folders, move, copy, and perform other manipulations with your files, documents, pictures, icons on the desktop, etc. You can graphically customize your desktop so as to be best for you. The program supports changing themes, has an excellent three-dimensional physics, and much more.  

-sumber dari SO-
 urm... rasa2 berminat dan nak download klik image kat bawah ni..

P/S : dah siap install, akan ada tutorial dia. follow je ok! enjoy!

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